Weight classes

-66 kg-55 kg
-70 kg-65 kg
-76 kg+65 kg
-80 kg 
-84 kg 
-94 kg 
+94 kg 

Time / Scorelimit

None. A match is finished by submission only.

Legal submissions

All chokes and joint manipulations which are not listed in the category below. There will be a rules meeting held after the weight-in.

Illegal submissions

No unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will be tolerated. Any competitor that is displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically be disqualified.

Fight modus

One or more pools within a weight class will be created. In a pool every fighter compete against the other fighters in the pool. If you are a fighter in a pool of six fighters you will have five fights guaranteed. Is there more than one pool in a weight class, the best fighters of both pools will fight against each other for the medals.



The staff is not responsible for any damage, accident, injury or theft as a result of the tournament. The staff is allowed to film all matches for commercial use.